Getting Compensated For Dog Bites

Medical professionals and health experts advise that walking can benefit your health in many ways, but if you have been attacked by a dog while on your daily walk or run, the results can be anything but healthy. Even dogs who are vaccinated from rabies can harbor dangerous bacteria in their mouths, and wounds can become infected with any number of infectious bugs. No matter how serious the injury, medical expenses and pain and suffering can leave you hundreds of dollars in debt and afraid to enjoy your usual walk or run. [Read More]

Tips For Filing A Personal Injury Lawsuit In California

Filing a personal injury lawsuit can be a pretty daunting task. There are quite a few different laws that you need to consider, and the entire process can vary substantially based on which state you are filing in. To help you get started, here are some unique features of personal injury lawsuits in California. The Window to File The first thing you need to know is how long you have to file your lawsuit. [Read More]

How To Avoid Trucking Accidents, Whether You're The Driver Or The Other Guy

These days being out on the road as a driver, you run the risk of being involved in an accident with a large truck, whether you are the operator of the truck or the driver of another vehicle. According to recent data by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, when there are fatalities in these accidents, about three-quarters of the time, the deceased are the occupants of the non-truck vehicle. Read on to learn how to avoid these trucking accidents, as both the driver of a truck or another vehicle on the road. [Read More]

Appealing Your Denied Workers Compensation Claim: What You Need To Know

Being denied a workers compensation claim can be a frustrating situation--especially if your work-related injury has rendered you unable to work or led to expensive medical bills. However, if you've received a denial letter for your workers compensation benefits, understand that this doesn't have to be the end; by appealing your workers compensation denial and following the right set of steps, you may very well be able to have the decision overturned. [Read More]