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How Much Time Will It Take To Settle An Injury Case Involving An 18-Wheeler?

One of the most complicated types of claims involves commercial trucks. This is because, unlike cases that involve personal vehicles, truck accidents might have more than one defendant. Further, the cause of the accident could also implicate more people than just the reckless driver. Therefore, the timelines for settling these cases might be longer than usual. Here are some of the factors that determine how long a settlement takes.

The Complexity of the Accident 

Some accident cases are straightforward, and others have many variables. For example, several factors, such as the intricacy of the underlying science and the number of potential accused persons, might contribute to the complexity of a claim. Further, in order to prove your case, you may need to consult a truck accident attorney and conduct a thorough investigation into what happened. In addition, you may need to research trucking laws to back up your damage claim. That said, the longer it takes to resolve your claim and the more complicated it becomes if you need more proof, the more the accused will likely fight it. Hence, it is always best to involve a lawyer as they will navigate these complexities and resolve the case on time.

The Strength of the Evidence Supporting Your Claim

Evidence is the most crucial variable when resolving a truck accident claim. Note that your claim's resolution time will increase proportionally with weak evidence. On the other hand, the defendant will likely settle fast if liability is clear and you can back up the value of your claim with proper evidence. However, without proof, reaching a resolution could take a while. Therefore, you need a truck accident lawyer to help prepare your evidence and keep the defendants on their toes. More so, in addition to ensuring the defendant takes the claim seriously, they will get you a befitting settlement.

Your Level of Involvement in the Accident 

The time taken to settle could also depend on whether you were liable for the events that led to the accident. You should know that some states use a pure comparative fault system, meaning that if you were partially at fault for the accident, your financial recovery reduces in proportion to your degree of responsibility. As such, when negotiating a settlement, the court decides how much blame each party carries. Ultimately, this could cause settlement talks to take time if the parties' estimates are not in sync.

The best approach to a truck accident settlement is with the help of an 18-wheeler accident attorney. With their expertise, you can minimize settlement timelines and maximize the amount you get for your suffering.