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Instances Where You Can Get A DUI Without Having Imbibed Alcohol And How An Attorney Can Help

A common misconception is that you can only get a DUI after taking alcohol. However, there are some instances where law enforcers might arrest and charge you for drunk driving even if you have not had a single sip of alcohol. Yet, it is essential to note that charges for driving while under the influence can be fought. This is more so if you hire a legal advisor to defend you. Read on to find out when you can get a DUI without taking alcohol and how an attorney can help you avoid a harsh judgment. 

If You Had Taken Illegal Drugs

Drugs of this kind severely affect a person's ability to observe, reason, and use motor skills. Some can also make you have delusions, racing thoughts, and other consequences that can lead to poor decision-making while driving. Because of this, law enforcers are likely to take you into custody if they suspect that you had taken illegal drugs before you set off on the road. Nonetheless, the officers must have evidence to prove that you were impaired when they detained you. As such, your lawyer can challenge your arrest if the officers didn't conduct the necessary tests to ascertain whether you were indeed intoxicated.

If You Had Taken Over-the-Counter Medicine

Most over-the-counter medicines do not cause severe side effects. This is why the law allows for their purchase and use without presenting a prescription. However, some of these drugs can still be dangerous if you get behind the wheel after taking them. For instance, certain medicines can cause drowsiness or make you fall asleep at the wheel. This is especially so if you had taken too much of the medication. In a case like this, the law enforcers can arrest you and bring DUI charges against you. If this happens, contact a drunk driving accident attorney immediately because they will know what arguments to raise to secure your freedom.

If You Had Taken Prescription Medication

Medications prescribed by medical professionals can also cause impairment, regardless of your taking them as directed. Unfortunately, this can lead to an arrest for DUI and even a conviction if the case isn't expertly handled. Still, you can avoid this by hiring a lawyer to represent you in your case. The legal practitioner will collect evidence to prove that you hadn't taken alcohol or illegal drugs. Moreover, they can use blood test results to prove that you had taken the correct dosage of the prescribed medicine. This may be enough to convince the judge to drop your charges.

If law enforcers arrest you for DUI when you haven't consumed any alcohol, it is crucial that you get in touch with a drunk driving accident attorney immediately. They will help ensure that you receive fair treatment throughout the legal process. Your lawyer also puts forth a legal defense on your behalf so you don't get a harsh judgment.

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