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Reasons To Always Hire A Workers' Compensation Attorney

Getting injured or becoming sick is never fun, especially when it is bad enough to require some type of medical attention. When the injury was received while performing a task for work, or if you became ill because of something going on at work, things can get complicated. While it is mandatory for all employers to purchase and maintain insurance coverage for these types of things, you may find you need a workers' compensation attorney to get you the help you need. An attorney is not going to be necessary in every case, but here are some times you will definitely want to have legal aid.

Employer Denial

Sometimes, your employer will attempt to deny the claim. They will try to say that you were not working when it happened. This is why it is always best to get a statement from anyone who witnessed the accident or who can testify that the illness started at work. If you were taken from the scene of the accident, ask one of your co-workers to get the statements. This will save the lawyer some time. However, if you cannot get the statements, be prepared to give the lawyer the names of any witnesses so they can get the statements.

Insurance Company Denial

The insurance company may also try to deny the case and not pay any of your medical bills. While you are able to file an appeal and try again, it is always best to have an attorney file things for you. They understand the law and how insurance works. In addition, they know exactly what to expect and how to respond to things. The lawyer will gather all necessary evidence to prove the claim is legitimate.

Not Receiving Lost Wages

It is possible that the insurance company will pay your medical bills but then not pay you for your lost wages. They have a variety of reasons for doing this but most of them will not hold up in a courtroom. Even if there is a possible valid reason your lawyer can make sure things go your way. It is possible that just having an attorney on the case will cause the insurance company to start paying your lost wages.

Of course, it is possible that you and your employer agree to everything and file the insurance claim together with no problems. However, it never hurts to have a workers' compensation attorney on your side from the start of the process. It will make things much easier if a problem does come up.

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