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Damage Trouble: How To Get Covered For Your Accident Expenses

Some accident victims assume that the at-fault driver's insurance company will take responsibility for their accident damages. Unfortunately, a payout from the other driver's insurance company isn't always quick and easy; you may require the services of a lawyer to get proper compensation. To find out why some areas of accident damage are not usually available without taking further action, read on.

A Word About Damages

We aren't just talking about damage to your vehicle when the word damages comes up in regards to a car accident. Damages covers every way you have been negatively impacted by a car accident. For most accidents, that means medical treatment costs are covered and wrecked cars are repaired. Unfortunately, if you depend only on what the other guy's insurer will pay you, then those two forms of damage could be all you ever get. The remaining negative issues are not usually covered unless you speak to a personal injury lawyer and have them take your case. Then, you might also be entitled to payment for additional and important damages like:

Lost wages – You will likely miss work and insurers seldom recognize the financial impact to victims when an accident puts them out of work.

Future medical expenses – You might have your past accident-related bills covered, but what about the future? Once you agree to an accident settlement, you may have no way of going back and demanding coverage for future hospitalizations, surgeries, medication, physical therapy, and more.

Pain and suffering – Are you upset about the accident? Most people are, and the emotional drain caused by having to deal with injuries can create an entirely separate category of damages. Pain and suffering is often based on the dollar amount of your medical expenses, but it can amount to several times that sum.

Special vehicle coverage – If you were driving a high-value vehicle at the time of the accident, you may find the insurance claim to be vastly under target. Rare, antique, and collectible cars should garner higher payouts without having to resort to using your own insurer.

Unusual medical needs – Usual and customary is the term insurers use when they decide not to cover a given form of damage. Many insurers balk at having to pay for extraordinary and super-expensive items like a life flight to a nearby trauma center.

Career damage – In some cases, your current career of choice is no longer an option after a car accident. If your ability to make a living is permanently affected by a careless driver, you may be eligible for more than just lost wages.

You deserve to be paid for all of your losses, not just a few. Speak to a personal injury attorney to find out more about any of the above.