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How To Protect Your Child From Hazardous Toys

Every year, dozens of toys are banned because they are discovered to be dangerous for children. Parents mean well, but if they do not know what to look for, they will not be able to predict that a particular toy will be dangerous. If you carefully examine the toys your child uses, though, you may be able to reduce the risk that your child will become injured of killed.

Choking Hazards

Spend time playing with the toy and try to get a sense of how fragile it is. One of the most common reasons why a seemingly harmless toy becomes dangerous is because a part breaks off and becomes a choking hazard. Also, if the toy comes with any parts that are small enough that they can fit in your child's mouth, this means that the toy will become a choking hazard if your child still puts things in his or her mouth.

Sharp And Piercing Toys

Just because a toy is familiar, it doesn't mean that it is safe. Look for any parts that might be sharp and could piece your child. For instance, lawn darts can become a hazard if they are not played with carefully.

Hot Toys

Products that generate heat can be a hazard. There are some toys from the past that have cooked plastics and produced toxic fumes. Also, toys that generate heat can cause burns if your child is able to touch the part that is hot.

Toys Made With Metal

Toys that include metal and that are meant to be used outdoors can be a burning hazard. In the summer sun, the metal can become very hot, unless the metal is covered. Also, if the toy becomes broken or bent, the metal could become a deadly piercing hazard. Even if the metal part is covered, the covering can eventually wear away and expose the metal underneath.

Toys Painted With Lead Paint

Many toys are hazardous simply because of how they are painted. Lead paint chips can create serious health problems when they are ingested and can cause lead poisoning. Pay attention to the toys and make sure that the paint isn't flaking off.

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