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Personal Injury Losses: Proving Your Damages In A Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you've been hurt in a car accident, you still have a long way to go before you have a successful personal injury lawsuit. While you may have sustained injuries, you must be able to prove the extent of your injuries. You must also be able to show that someone else was at fault for your injuries, and that you suffered losses because of your injuries. Just because an accident occurs, doesn't mean you have an automatic case. A solid personal injury lawsuit includes an accident, injuries, and losses, most of which must be measurable in some way.

When an Accident Occurs

When a car accident occurs, it's important to call the authorities to create an accident report. While your injuries may not feel extensive, it's necessary to establish what happened to cause the accident. You should exchange any personal and insurance information with other drivers involved, and talk to any potential witnesses if you are able. If you are not sure whether you need medical attention at this time, err on the side of caution and go to see a physician to assess your injuries.

The Accident Report

You are entitled to a copy of the accident report written by the responding officers. This report should be a detailed account of what happened to cause the accident, establishing who was at fault. The names and contact information for any parties that were part of the accident, including witnesses, should be outlined in the report. Check the accident report over for any mistakes, and point out any mistakes that you see to the officer that wrote the report. The accident report can be used by you to establish who was at fault for the injuries you sustained.

Your Injuries Documented

You must seek medical treatment to clearly document your injuries. Follow through with all treatment recommendations, and make sure that you keep up with any physical therapy and other treatments. Your medical providers will be the ones who provide the proof as to the extent of your injuries, and you will need everyone to know you are committed to your treatment.

Establishing Your Losses

Your losses can be significant. If you have lost time from work, or medical bills are piling up, these are financial losses. If you have a permanent injury, if you are in serious pain, these are considered losses when a financial award is being determined.

If you have been hurt in an accident and you aren't sure where to turn, it's time to meet with a personal injury attorney, like Cok Kinzler PLLP, that can help.