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The 5 Essential Things Your Car Accident Lawyer Needs To Know

After you have been in a car accident, you may want to consult with an attorney who specializes in car accidents. They can help you navigate the insurance process and make sure that you are compensated fairly for any injuries you receive. If necessary, they can also assist you with filing a legal lawsuit for compensation. When you consult with an attorney who specializes in car accidents, here are the top five things that they are going to know during your initial consultation.

#1 When The Accident Happened

The first thing that they are going to need to know is when the accident happened. This information is crucial because if too much time has passed, they may not be able to assist you with filing a lawsuit. Every state has their own rules about the amount of time that can lapse between an accident and a lawsuit. Ideally, you should consult with a lawyer as soon after the accident happens as possible.

#2 Any Traffic Laws That Were Violated

Next, they are going to need to know if you violated any traffic laws during the accident. For example, if you were diving under the influence, the circumstances surrounding your case will be different for them to handle than if you were not doing anything wrong. Even a small traffic violation could affect what they can do for you. Be honest during your consultation; this will make the process easier. If you hide any fault you had in the accident, you are just adding to their workload and making it more difficult for them to figure out how to help you effectively.

#3 Who Was Involved In The Accident

The attorney you are consulting with is going to want to know who was involved in the accident. If you were injured by a commercial vehicle or by someone driving a vehicle for work, different rules apply, and your attorney would be looking at pursing not just the driver, but their employer as well for damages. This information is crucial as it changes who you can pursue for compensation.

#4 The Aftermath Of The Accident

You also need to share with your attorney what happened directly following the accident. It is especially important that you let your attorney know if you said you were sorry to anyone involved in the incident. This could be taken as an admission that you are guilty. If anyone involved apologized to you, that is also very crucial information and could be used to make sure that you are compensated fairly.

#5 The Depth Of Your Financial Loss

Finally, the attorney you consult with needs to know how this accident has impacted you. They need to know how extensive your injuries are, as well as the cost of your medical care and the long term effects of your injuries. You may not be able to provide them with all of this information at your initial consultation depending on how close your consultation is to the accident; however, you should do your best to provide as much information as possible.

If the accident also impacted your ability to work and impacted your income, you need to share that information as well.

By coming prepared to share all of the information listed above during your initial consultation with a lawyer who specializes in car accidents, they should be able to get a good feel for your case and they should be able to determine if they want to take it on as well as let you know if they think you have a chance at receiving compensation. Bring all of the information above will also help the lawyer you are consulting with get a jump start on your case if you decide to hire them and they decide to take on your case. 

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